Since receiving my iPad way back in September, I have come to rely on it, on my other mobile device (iPhone 4)  and the wide variety of  installed apps more and more.

Here is a partial list of my favorite most used apps.  Believe me there are many many more. After removing some that just didn’t cut it – 98 on iPhone and 264 on iPad.

News: I no longer buy a newspaper – that’s it I have gone green!  My favorite apps for the news are the following:

ABC News – Here you can Spin, Shake, Touch, Filter, save, share and engage ! The UI is up there in my books

Huffington Post – The Huff covers everything so, sometimes when I am there I don’t look any further.

Tech News:

Mashable –  Now with the ability to follow the trends, subjects and people who you want from within Mashable, it is even faster to find the info that you want or info that you didn’t think you need but it is there in your face.  Oh yes I like in your face!

Social Media:

Facebook for iPad – Simple and sweet , it just works, that is all I have to say.

Hootsuite  – There has a lot of discussion about which platform is the best for ios.  I have been using Hootsuite on my desktop way before I acquired my iPad or my iPhone.  Now with it installed on both – I am in Twitter heaven.   They are constantly adding more tools and stat reports and that is on the freemium version!


Shazam – Love walking into a store and wanting to know what the song is that is playing in the background.  Whip out the iPad/iPhone click on Shazam and Shazam I know (my iTunes music library is growing :)) )

App Discovery:

Zwapp:  This is a great app discovery tool.  It adds a fabulous social layer to discovery.  Now I know what my friends are downloading.  I found some great apps this way (ie soundtrckr, camera+ and videolicious)

AppFreeway –  I love getting paid apps for free! I am introduced to new apps once a week or so, apps that I would probably not find on my own.  Fast easy and free! Oh did a little video on this one too! Watch it here.


Going Paprikash – A beautiful nostalgic app loaded with wonderful recipes (Kosher).  I might just have to call myself a born again Hungarian!


Ok I am getting tired of Angry Birds so I have found these two. 

Pah! – It is unique!  Liked it so much we did a little video review on it – watch it here !

Mooniz – Addictive addictive addictive! Oh yes did I mention addictive! Fun!

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