This past week the 4th took place. As soon as the bell rung, I purchased my early bird ticket.  It has always been one of my favorite events to attend; it isn’t a long dragged out event, the networking is great and the startups chosen to present are always unique. This year was no different in fact; I think it was the best yet.

This year I volunteered to work the welcome and registration desk. Brilliant. I saw who was at the event, said hello to them and made a mental list of whom I wanted to speak to during one of the breaks. I love networking.

The event started on time and the race was on between six new start-ups.  It was obvious that Donna Griffit had worked with the teams. The presentations this year were polished and better than ever. In hindsight, this year’s presentations were tuned into me more than in the past.  As a techy, marketing mother, two out of the six start-ups were speaking my language. I will explain.


mossad ios game

The first team up was from Mossad – a multi-player, location based mobile game for iOS where the player becomes a Mossad agent, and receives interesting missions at any time. If I was a gamer… it sounds cool. Actually, who hasn’t dreamed about being a secret agent? Their presentation was well done and I wish them well with their Kickstarter campaign. I have forwarded the link to a few of my under-cover type friends. You can sign up for the beta here.


rompr parent friendly

Rompr is a social network for parents who do or are looking for great ideas and activities to do with their children.  Yes, I know another social network, but honestly, I don’t post a lot of the stuff that I do with MJ because I know it bores the crap out of a lot of my single friends and followers. However, on Rompr I post to my family friendly friends, I think it is a splendid idea. The information is crowd sourced from other parents like me looking for family fun. Getting the platform to go viral on a local level is going to take a little legwork to say the least. It is now web-based however, there will be an iOS app coming out in the near future. I wish them luck and great success! I have signed up and looking forward to reading about and sharing great ideas.


Learni is an interactive, multi layer e-learning platform.  I like the idea! After spending a huge amount on school books this year, I think by grade 5, school children are ready to go digital. The content of the books are linked to other sources, the students can make notes and the teachers can interact with the students as they work through the curriculum. There was a huge twitter conversation during their presentation on the pros and cons of the system, the amount of screen time children should have, and at what age they should start using tablets in school. My third grader has a projector, drop-down large screen and a laptop in the classroom. She says that when the teacher uses this small jump in technology the class is much more attentive. Here is an article about schools in Massachusetts and how they are using iPads. The business model is subscription based; it will cost around $70 per student. What do you think? At what age do you think that learning should go digital?



I guess if I was single and looking, I would be more excited about this start-up. However, Heystack uses your Facebook social graph to connect you with possible options for relationships. Of course, their algorithm uses only the information that is publicly shared. The application also includes the ability to call users using VoIP technology and to message each other. The app is only available for iOS now but they are working on an android version. Heystack won the competition. Congrats and good luck to the team.



24me is a task manager and reminder service with the option to actually do “stuff” right from the app. You can optimize the app with all of your banking and billing information, so that when your bills come due you can pay them right from the app. They also integrated TaskRabbit into the app, so you can actually hire people to perform your tasks for you, such as picking up your dry cleaning, fixing something, shopping and more. The app is targeted at the US market.  I did download it and the UX is great, the application flows from one function to the other nicely.  Good luck to the team.



BetterInternet is a web platform that allows the user to make their web experience better. It is a system that even a beginner developer or designer can use. What it does is it allows the user to change the look and feel of a website (moving locations of buttons, call to action, navigation etc). There is no download or install necessary for the user and the website owner does not have to add any code to their site. The new site loads on to the BetterInternet site and all traffic from the new site goes to the original source. This would be very interesting to use as a marketing tool for companies who are considering revamping their properties, they can now get crowd-sourced user input. Interesting.

It was a great day; fabulous start ups with amazing vision and creativity were presented. Kudos to the team Orli, Donna and Eddy.  I look forward to next year already.


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