I have been going to a course on Social Media – which was offered by Kelli from Pixel/Point Press.  Great course. Taught me all the tricks and tools that I can implement on the company website and blog to increase traffic, links, conversions. It is all very exciting.  However now I realize that I need another 3 hours in the day to really get into it and start the ball rolling!

But due to the course I have started to follow some interesting people on my twitter. Following Mashable was once of the best ideas!  So much information!  Again new tricks and tweaks  in the world of social media! Again I realised that I need a few more hours in the day to actually implement it all!

However here are some of the tips that I really think are important!

  1. Get Google analytics on your blog!
  2. Set up a gmail account for all of your social media stuff
  3. Use a reader for all of your feeds
  4. Use Google Alerts and find out what is going on around you and what people are writing about you (or using your content)
  5. Feed Burner!
  6. Link to all of your blogger friends (I haven’t had time to do this yet!- remember I am a newbie and this is an experiment)
  7. TweetDeck

Ok I have to go….time to get MJ dressed fed and off to school – Then off to Jerusalem to sell beautiful Jerusalem Stone Products to the Pilgrims that have arrived in honor of the Pope’s visit to Jerusalem!

It is going to be a fun day!

2 Thoughts on “Social Media! Lots of fun!”

  • Wow! Thanks for all the amazing compliments. I’m so glad you enjoyed the course and have what to do now. In your free time, right? 😉
    Looking to put that work session together within the next month and hope to see you at the CS4 Israel Adobe Group!

  • I am looking forward to the CS4 group work session…free time…now I have 0 free time…you have created a monster

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