Content and Automation FREE Workshop – MATI Jerusalem

DECEMBER 26th  9:30-13:30

‘Content is king.’ A well-known phrase used as a marketing buzzword. This year, it has become more relevant than ever before. In today’s times, when consumers have become more demanding and tech-savvy, businesses must up their content marketing game to attract, inspire, engage, and convert their prospective customers.

Content is and will always stay the heart of marketing. You can never challenge the power of words. Content is the best and most efficient way to connect with your audience, create brand awareness, showcase your brand’s authority, and build trust.

  • Content is KING – 2019 👑
  • Are you producing the right content for your audience?
  • Websites, social media, podcasts, articles, blog … start investing in your content!
  • Fresh, relevant, consistent content produces results.
  • Automation – Tools, schedules and more!
  • valuable tips about content and creating your content calendar.

Limited Space!

FREE for Olim 10 years and less,
Must Register below!

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Facebook Advertising 101 FREE Workshop – MATI Jerusalem

DECEMBER 19th  9:30-13:30

OLIM! I am sure you have heard the saying “Pay to Play”
It’s time to take your Facebook activity to the next level.
It’s time to understand Facebook Advertising.
You’ll learn why Facebook advertising is so valuable and the most important things you need to know so that you don’t waste your money.
This workshop was created for those individuals that have either never run a Facebook Ad or have very limited experience with running them.

You will learn all the basics of creating a Facebook Ad.

  • Facebook Pixel
  • What the different types of Facebook Ad goals are
  • Choosing your audience
  • Creating your image
  • Ad spend
  • And much more!

Limited Space!

FREE for Olim 10 years and less,
Must Register below!
You need a personal Facebook account and a Facebook Business Page already set up (ad spends are run through a personal account, but ads themselves are run on Business Pages). Bring your laptop!

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Facebook Live and Video Creator Workshop in Modiin! 😎

May 15thRegister today – limited space!

Did you see a Facebook live today? Yesterday? I know you did!

So it’s time! You’re going to do this video thing. You are going to go LIVE and ROCK IT!

This workshop covers:
Get over the fear of being in front of the camera
What to talk about
How to create engagement
How to set up your “set”
How to create videos to post on your page – it’s easy!
Tips – Tricks – Hacks and more!
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April 26th I will be teaching a brand new workshop – 1st time in Modiin – The New Facebook Marketing 2018!
I will be covering

New tips and tricks

Real-Time FB Updates!

Security issues

Awesome apps

Register Now! Send me a message here ->

Email me at or call me at 050-444854498

Limited space.

The 2nd Workshop is on Monday, April 30th it’s all “Hands-On”
How to actually do what we need to do (According to the workshop on April 26th) I am going to help you get over your fear of going live and producing videos!
Bring your laptops, smartphones, tripods, and selfie sticks!


Teaching Social Media

Shari Wright Pilo teaches digital marketing and social media workshops throughout Israel.

Hundreds have enjoyed her entertaining and hands-on approach to education across many industries.

Shari can tailor a digital marketing or social media workshop targeting your needs and price range, or choose from one of the popular themes.

Shari Wright Pilo – Lectures and Workshops

Just completed another amazing workshop on digital marketing with Shari Wright Pilo! I love the professional level, the great tips and the networking! Can’t wait for the next one!  Cherie Lipschitz Albucher

Digital Marketing Workshops

  • Internet Marketing 101
  • Understanding Social Media
  • Content Marketing and Strategy Development ( Audit, Listening, Customer Goals, Business Goals, Community, Integration, Strategy, Tools, Benchmarking Measurement)
  • Using Social Media as a Sales Tool
  • Facebook Training: Optimize a Facebook Business Page
  • Twitter training for Business Communications
  • LinkedIn training New Business Development
  • Social media monitoring training to spot opportunity

The workshops take place in person or online and can run from one hour to a full-day session or more.