The Silver Lining to the current state of world affairs: 

You now have the time to prepare for better days and a stronger business.

Better days will come, I promise.

Increase your knowledge and learn valuable skills in Digital Marketing! 

For over eight years, hundreds have participated in my Digital Marketing Workshops, both through MATI Jerusalem and as private clients across the nation.

I am now offering my workshops online. 

I will show you how to

  •  set your objectives
  •  identify your audience
  •  define and execute your strategy
  •  and more

You will learn the process of how to create compelling and engaging content specialized for different social media channels. 

Learn how to:

  • use Facebook organically and build your community
  • the Instagram tips, tricks, and hacks
  • Canva and visual branding 
  • PLUS an Intro to Facebook Ads

Starting this week, come to my workshops in your PJs!

The Price is Right. 

There are 5 workshops from which to choose.

They are all stand-alone, however, there is a flow to the series.

If you want to come to all 5, awesome! You will pay for 4!  

I love what I do, and I am passionate about sharing my knowledge with small business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs.

Register today and make sure you mark your calendar!



  1. Fill out the registration form
  2. I will send you a Bit request for payment to your phone.
  3. If you are outside of Israel will send you payment instructions. (PayPal)
  4. When you receive the payment request and have paid you will then receive an email with the link to the Zoom meeting and your receipt. We’ll be using the free video software Zoom. Take a few minutes before if you haven’t downloaded it to your phone or computer.
  5. The day before the workshop you will receive a reminder.
  6. After the workshop, you will receive an email with the recording. This recording is for you only! Not to be shared!

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Design Like a Pro with Canva!
Yes, you can do it 

I will be teaching my Canva Workshop on August 2nd from 9:30 am -12:30 pm on Zoom.
Get your coffee ready, a bottle of water, a snack, and a smile.

We’ll start by reviewing the basics of visual branding and building your personal brand.

Then you’ll learn:

How to use the Canva interface
How to use templates, stock images, icons and illustrations
How to design your own great images for social media and your website
How to upload your own images and logos and edit them
How to use video on Canva
And much more!

Message me to register. I will send you the information and link.

Have questions? Ask away!

facebook for biz



Are you overwhelmed with all the Facebook tactics you read about?

You need to take control of your page – organic growth is essential!

Let’s get your page moving and working for you. Tools and Tips on how to build your Facebook page, get more likes, increase your customer base and engagement! 



New updates for 2020!

Instagram is HOT!

In 2019 we said that Instagram was hot – but in 2020 we know that it is hot and we have the proof!

Small businesses – Personal brands are using it successfully to expose their services to their target audience.

Be visual – be bold!

Learn how to manage your feed and have fun with stories! Tools – Tips and hacks to get the most out of the platform

Shari will share with you her Secrets to a Successful Instagram 

content is king



Content is still king in 2020! However today content needs to be smarter! 

What is content? 

How do you not get overwhelmed? 

Learn the Ins and outs of creating content. 

Learn more about how to reach and engage your community. Create and distribute relevant and valuable content to attract, acquire, and engage your clearly defined community. Your objective – drive customer action! The golden ticket to an easier way to create content – Editorial Calendar 

Shari is a great asset to improving your understanding of social media and creating a strategy. She greatly enhanced my skillset and gave me a lot of tips and hacks. She is very knowledgable, enjoyable to work with and cares about the success of her clients. I would highly recommend her!
Ayelet HaShachar Penrod

Ayelet HaShachar Penrod

Cybersecurity Influencer Marketing Manager

Working with Shari has been a dream! From the first moment I met with Shari I could tell this woman knows her stuff! Shari has been incredibly motivating, she has great ideas, and knows her way around social media. Thank you for all the help so far, I cant wait to continue out sessions.
Tovah Anavian Presser

Tovah Anavian Presser

I am an art and garden therapist and with Shari's expert guidance was able to fulfill my dream of opening a therapy center that combines both mediums. I had no idea how to market, budget, create presentations, network, Facebook, Canva, etc. Shari sat with all the patience of a saint teaching and guiding me through each process, brainstorming new ideas and constantly pushing me forward. She's an amazing mentor, teacher and human being! I love working with her and really see my practice growing and developing. Shari Wright Pilo helped my dream become a real life therapy center reality!
Elizabeth Kay

Elizabeth Kay

Shari is very passionate and dedicated. I attended a few of her social media workshops and then requested her as a business mentor due to her positivity and energy. She's a pleasure to work with and really knows her stuff.
Dani Stieglitz

Dani Stieglitz

Shari is one-of-kind type of person- full of passion and very knowledgable about her social media!! And as a plus very entertaining and fun! I learned so many practical tips and tools from her classes but most importantly, I learned not to be afraid of the social media world!!! I'm a big fan of her!!!!!
Dr. Debora Mandelbaum Rauch

Dr. Debora Mandelbaum Rauch