I have been working for the past 3 and a half years with 3 amazing women .  Together the four of us ran a wonderful gift company – My Stone Company – the manufacturers of The Friendship Stone.

Our favorite tag line for describing ourselves:

” 4 women, 2 continents, 3 cities, with 8 children between us!”

Can you imagine working with 3 women – one of which I had never met in person unless  almost daily calls on skype and too many emails counts!

Collaborating online was an amazing experience for all of us.  We became a solid unit, a family.





And then yesterday – the four of us were finally together on the same continent – in the same city! What a blast! I met my virtual friend, I met Laure!

Thanks to a wonderful celebration – we are all together – and enjoying face to face (not skype) interactions – lots of hugs!

Fun watching my virtual friend through a camera lens – she is an interesting tourist!

The four of us are enjoying the our time together, laughing at our virtual world – a world that today, I couldn’t, wouldn’t  live without.

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