My last blog was on content and setting up your website.  Great! Well I received a few emails from readers who said

“Why didn’t you start with Keywords”

Good question!  Why didn’t I?  Maybe I assumed that you know you should do really good keyword research prior to posting content to your site.  Or maybe I want you to write about your product/service from your heart!  Make it emotional I said! Right?    I truly believe that when you write something about your product the first time, and you write it from the heart – your description of your product or service …will be good.  Now that you have the content – lets optimize!  Optimization is a word that you will hear over and over!

Assuming you haven’t done your keyword search (which is on going all the time, never-ending story) lets start!

Who are you speaking to?  Who is your target audience? You should know who they are and have it written in front of you.  First thing I do is a simple search just to see what kind of SERP results we get.

At Affilicon Eli Feldblum gave a great seminar on SEO and keyword research.  So let’s use his example:

You are a Cruise Agent and you have a new site and need to find the best keywords for the cruises that you have listed.   What?

There are two types of Keywords : Short Tail and Long Tail! Both are good, both have to be used, but Long Tail is going to give you in the long run better conversions (results).  Why?  One – short tail keywords or phrases are popular and you will almost always have tough competition, however the 3-4 keyword long tail phrases are more specific and are there to pick up the people who really know what they are looking for – therefore CONVERSION!

So let’s look at the example:

Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords
Long Tail and Short Tail Keywords

Cruises, Holiday Cruises, Bahama Holiday Cruises, Bahama Holiday Cruise Special, Summer Holiday Bahama Cruise Special….

They are all good – but if you are looking for a “cruise in the summer and to the Bahama’s and a good special – where will you click?

Here is a definition from

The term ‘long tail’ was coined by Chris Anderson and is used to describe the strategy of targeting less-competitive niche markets rather than the hugely competitive broad keywords. A long tail keyword is something like ‘Small Business Web Design’ while a short wail keyword is something like ‘Web Design’.

There might not be  A LOT of searches for this – but again these keywords are targeted !

Why this is so important? I think that this is best summarized in an article I found called “Why Long Tail Keyword Phrases are Better”

“Rethinking search allows us to stop thinking of keywords, product names and brands as short phrases. Search is rapidly evolving, it’s all about phrases now, keywords are already out of date for the canny marketer.  The average search term is growing, as people start to search  specifically for what they are seeking.  In the past, the average key phrase was 1.2 words, last year, it increased to 2.1 words, but sources tell us that this year and beyond, it will push to 3 and 4 words.”

How do we find our keywords?

There are great tools on the Internet for this here are some good examples:

Google Keyword Tool

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