Just thought that I would share with you a view videos that I have recently uploaded to my YouTube channel .  There are great apps and games out there , I love to discover them, and make videos about them ! (If you have a game or app that you would like me to make a video about – just contact me at sharipilo (at) gmail.com for details.

I met the developer of Pah! at a Tweetup the day that Pah! went live on the iTunes store. I thought that a voice activated iPhone game was something spectacular – he said take a picture of your Daughter playing it – I said even better we will do a video! So here is Pah! (worth the download – totally) And as of today this video has over 18000 views!

My 7-year-old loves to play on both my iPad and iPhone – she also said to me recently –

Mommy how do you make a game for the iPad?

I searched for an answer for her – and found one – Sketch Nation – Great app! We had a great afternoon creating Cookie Shooter!

I love discovering new apps but sometimes it is difficult – there are just so many out there! So I use apps that help me discover new great apps.  AppsFreeway gives you paid apps for free! Now we are rocking!


Funtom of the Opera is another voice activated game (yes love that – and believe me I can not carry a tune – and you would not want to hear me sing).  This time I took the game to a local cafe and invited some local Glee’ers to try it out! Fun!

With all the technology in our house (iPhones/iPads/laptop/desktop/other smart phones) there is always at least 4 screens open and we are only 3 people.   I can always hear the sound effects from Mooniz coming from one of the devices!  Warning : ADDICTIVE


If you have an app or game you would like me to review in a video – please contact me at sharipilo (at) gmail.com

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