It is time that I start blogging again.  Again.  Yes again.  I have had many blogs over the last 10 years.  Actually I was looking at some of my very first blog posts – hmm, interesting? Maybe (not). The dates of the posts are what shocked me.  I started blogging a long long time ago – way before all the easy Blog CMS platforms were so abundant.

I started my blogging as an outlet while riding the fertility roller coaster, which then turned into a pregnancy blog – and then into motherhood! Fun – personal, I touched a few people with my posts and loved getting the emails from total strangers.

My free time for blogging became limited – and basically blogged for the company I have been working for.  Of course here and there I wrote a post – tested tools, made a go for it.  Proved somebody’s blog success formula to be right on – but basically haven’t kept it up.

Until now. With new adventures on my horizon it is time for me and my fingers to get into shape.

2011 – It is going to be an interesting year.  After working with some great companies, developing their web presence, building their social media personas, teaching in-house tools tricks and skills, it is time for me to go out on my own.  It is time to take charge of my daily schedule and to work with exciting, fun, entrepreneurs, people and companies.  My goal is to learn as many new “languages” as possible in 2011.

Recently I had a discussion with a friend of mine (Cory Morag), she told me that she walked into her daughter’s class during the music lesson (Grade 3).  They all had their little xylophones and were playing together under the teachers command “blue blue yellow red green blue” She said they were speaking the wrong language – they should have been calling out Do Mi Mi Re So Fa! You don’t speak Italian if you want to teach English.  This story reminded me of my passion – the favorite part of my day – helping people and companies speak the language that their customers’ will understand.

So here I go – taking charge of my life – using my “social” passion combined with my passion “to help” toppled off with my passion for “languages” to help, teach and develop ways to make other small businesses and personalities shine on line.

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