Up to this point I think that my iPad and iPhone are in use more by my 7-year-old than by myself.

I have had many  conversations with developers.

“Upload your app to an iPad – hand it over to a 5-8 year old and let them discover it”  

If they like it ….well you have a good chance, if they don’t – go back to the drawing board.

There are so many apps for kids.  There are categories filled to the brim with free and paid apps, music apps, letter apps, reading apps, art apps, story apps, and the list goes on.

I will try to cover here some of the favorite apps in our house.

As a mother of a little one who is bi-lingual, most of the apps that we have are in English – we like stuff that will strengthen her language skills.  We have a lot of apps on our mobile devices but what we love the most are the Sesame Street Podcasts – Word on the Street.   (download on iTunes here)

Each segment spotlights a new word. Great words like : spectacular, miniature, investigate, activate, volunteer.  The podcasts hosted by Murray the orange monster and a celeb guest host (Wanda Sykes, Collin Farrel, Sara Jessica Parker, Jason Bateman, Michel Obama and more A-List celebs)

Each episode ranges in length between 4-7 mins  of well written light funny clear, expressive, understandable content.

The best was while walking my daughter to school, all of a sudden she said to me:

“Mom it is spectacular to volunteer and help others” 

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